Five things we learned from Monday Night Raw

Daniel Bryan bids farewell to the WWE Universe in Seattle (Source:

The road to Fast Lane and WrestleMania continued as Raw visited Seattle.

Daniel Bryan has definitely retired from WWE

It’s the news that no wrestling fan wanted to hear, but Daniel Bryan confirmed his retirement from in-ring competition last night. Social media went into meltdown after the leader of the Yes Movement indicated that his days of competing in WWE were over.

Many were hoping that Bryan’s retirement was purely an angle, similar to that of Mark Henry’s in 2013, unfortunately this was not the case. The night was filled with clips of his career and WWE did a great job in allowing him to main event the evening and soak in the adoration of the WWE Universe for the last time.

It’s a sad, but what became an almost inevitable, end to a near 16-year career. In that time Bryan achieved what most could only dream about; Championships, evoking unprecedented crowd reactions and of course main eventing WrestleMania.

Whether he follows in the footsteps of Ric Flair and wrestles for another company after his retirement is anyone’s guess at this moment.

The New Day are still as hilarious as ever

The New Day’s shtick could have easily become stale by now, so it’s a testament to the trio that they continue to cut creative and hilarious promos like they did last night. The eight-man tag match against The Dudley Boyz and The Usos may not have been a classic, but Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods remain without a doubt the MVPs of the WWE tag team division.

They may have held the tag team titles for a while, but at this point there is no other team that is worthy of dethroning them. Put simply, if you can remain over with the WWE Universe while wearing bright pink ring gear and unicorn horns, then you know you’re really doing something right.


Dean Ambrose proved that he belongs in the main event

Last night’s Raw showed why many in the WWE Universe and Internet Wrestling (IWC) believe that Dean Ambrose should always be in and around the main event scene. The Lunatic Fringe’s intrepid approach to Lesnar was fascinating and helped both Superstars gain traction on the road to Fast Lane.

His reckless and and stupidly brave behaviour towards Brock Lesnar is something that the fans can obviously get behind and also develops his Lunatic Fringe character. Moreover, finishing the segment with a low blow to The Beast Incarnate just shows that Ambrose can play the unpredictable anti-hero that worked so well for the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk and Eddie Guerrero.

A Dudley Boyz heel turn is a smart decision for the tag team division

The Dudley Boyz haven’t set the house on fire liked many had hoped since returning to WWE. They haven’t had many classic matches to speak of or rivalries worth investing in – until now. Last night Bubba Ray and D-Von turned on their partners The Usos, putting them both through a table.

The Dudleyz are much more suited to being a ruthless duo whose sole purpose is to cause carnage and put whoever they like through tables. It was that attitude which helped them gain success the first time round in WWE and also helped Bubba get over as his Bully Ray persona in TNA.

Sasha Banks leaving Team B.A.D. is good for all involved

Last night highlighted that the Divas division is already reaping the dividends from Team B.A.D.’s recent split. Sasha Banks came across well on commentary and continued to show why her Boss character is one of the best in WWE today.

The Boss remains over with the crowd, despite her heelish tendencies, and will be free to chase the Divas Championship after she completes her current feud with Naomi and Tamina.

This segment also allowed Naomi to show off an extremely violent side to her character, which can only be a positive thing going forward. In essence, the split of Team B.A.D. has allowed for a strong secondary Divas storyline where four talented women are currently being used effectively and given TV time.




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