The Australian Pink Floyd Show in Glasgow

Picture: Wikipedia

A world renowned tribute act of legendary British rock band Pink Floyd is gearing up to play the Hydro when they arrive all the way from Australia.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show are considered the biggest and most authentic Pink Floyd tribute act in the world.

They are regarded so highly that original Pink Floyd member David Gilmour had them play for his 50th birthday party.

The group will play the SSE Hydro on Saturday 22 February and bass player Colin Wilson says the band are delighted to be playing in Glasgow again.

He said: “We are well known as saying that Glasgow is a place that we absolutely love to come and play ever since we first played in King Tuts Wah Wah Hut at the end of 1993.

“We’ve been coming every year since.”

Formed in Adelaide in 1988, the band has played in venues worldwide and has also performed at festivals such as Glastonbury and V Festival.

Colin added:

“I remember we were told in 1993 that Glasgow is a city where they either love you or hate you, and if they hate you, you better run.

“Luckily they loved us and we’ve been coming back ever since.

“It’s always a great night, the ‘weegies’ are very enthusiastic people.”

Colin joined the band in 1993, and they have since played at a variety of Glasgow venues including the SECC and the Arches.

However this is the first time the band will experience the surroundings of the Hydro.

The group hope that their new Set the Controls Tour will be a hit, as it allows audiences to choose some of the songs the band will play at each of their performances.

Fans can log into the band’s website and choose two songs from the Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and Division Bell albums.

Colin said:A lot of our audience have been following us for a long time so it gives them the chance to feel a little bit more involved.

“Certainly the feedback we’ve had from them so far is exactly that.

“It is obviously a great way of fact-finding and information gathering as we can make sure we’re keeping in touch with what the audience actually want us to do.”

The band has developed a following in Glasgow over the years and Colin is particularly pleased to see younger fans at Glasgow gigs enjoying the music of Pink Floyd.

He said: “We’ve got people who have come every single time we’ve played, so the following is fantastic.

“But there are also a lot of young people.

“The last two years in Glasgow we have noticed a lot of youngsters coming along.

“I don’t know whether they are coming because they’ve discovered their parent’s record collection and got into Floyd, or if it’s just out of curiosity, but it is really good to see young people in the audience.”

The Australian Pink Floyd Show pride themselves on authenticity and have spent decades attempting to accurately recreate the sound of Pink Floyd.

The group are constantly trying to improve and Colin believes it is the longevity of the group that has made them successful.

He said: “We don’t think it is possible to sound like Pink Floyd in 12 months or a couple of years even.

“You can’t decide tomorrow to start up a Pink Floyd tribute band and then expect to sound like them within your first year.

“It takes so much work and so much dedication and time.

“It is an expensive thing to do as well because you can’t do it on the cheap.”

The band see it is a never-ending process and that there will always been room for improvement when it comes to their performances.

He added: “We’re still very critical and we think there is that last ten per cent to crack.

“But from the audience’s point of view I hope that what they hear is all those years and all that time and effort that we’ve put into it.”

Over the years the group has grown from five members to ten.

Colin says the reason for expanding the group over time was again purely down to wanting every song to sound authentic.

He said: “In the early days if we were doing certain songs we literally had three singers available to do all the harmonies and it was impossible.

“We didn’t have a sax player so we had to have the sax solo on the keyboard.

“So we were covering things the best we could but for authenticity sake we needed to get those extra vocals.”

Another element the band spends a large amount of time on is the videos and laser light shows that accompany each song.

It is something the band has become well known for and allows them to closely recreate the original tours of Pink Floyd.

Colin added: “The light show is constantly being worked at and developed because there will be some songs in there we haven’t done for quite a few years.

“They will have brand new light shows built around them and the lasers will be there and the inflatables.

“We really try and approach each song as an individual thing and create a total mood and atmosphere for that song.”



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