Increase in number of Scots starting up new businesses

Picture: Flickr
Picture: Flickr

New figures released show that the number of Scots starting up their own business has increased 19 per cent from 2012 to 2013.

Statistics gathered by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) highlighted the number of new businesses registered with Companies House rose to 30,263 in 2013.

That represents a 19 per cent increase on the 2012 figure of 25,500.

Charles Murray, 53, started his own business, Murray Timber Products, back in 2006 and is based in Cumbernauld.

He says there are a number of reasons as to why he and others more recently in Scotland have chosen to start their own business: “Many people do their own thing because it has got more and more difficult working for companies with no pay increases, so instead people work for themselves.

“This way they have flexible working hours, can work from home and are their own boss.

“Others have done it as a result of unemployment and being made redundant.

“I partly did it for the flexible working hours and being able to work from home, but really it was time to work for myself and not have any constraints placed on me by a company.”

He added: “I feel it has just about been financially beneficial despite the recession.

“I also believe it was more secure to start my own company as there was an increasing risk I would have been paid off if I remained in my previous job.”

In addition to this, the Office for National Statistics (OFN) most recent estimates show that a record 4.4 million people in the UK are now self-employed.

Heather Brandon, 25, chose to become self-employed after setting up her children’s entertainment business, Wish Upon a Star Entertainment, in October 2013.

She says that she feels more financially stable but that being self-employed is not easy: “I am definitely more financially well off and am able to plan ahead and sustain myself.

“The growth I have seen in my short time in business has been overwhelming.

“But there are difficulties and it is really a step into the unknown.

“It also takes a lot more work than people may realise and takes a particular type of person to make a business successful.

“However if you are successful it is more rewarding as it is yours and nobody else’s.”

Start-Up Britain’s new statistics show that Glasgow alone had 8085 new business start-ups in 2013 with Edinburgh having 7112.

Charles Murray believes this is a number that will continue to increase: “With technology today it is a lot easier for people to process their ideas quicker and find information on certain subjects.

“I also think people will see others being successful and like the idea of doing the same and being their own boss.”

The news also comes as Scotland’s unemployment rate continues to fall, with it decreasing by 3,000 to 195,000 in the period between October and December 2013.


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